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About A Chinese Dream

Director: Paola vela
Country: Peru
Length: 2 minutes
Genre: Experimental
Format: MiniDV
Black & White
Date of production: 2007
Screening format: 16:9

SYNOPSIS: Starting from memories, a group of special objects are reshaped and reconstructed inside a closed space. The remains of the days through blur impressions. A private point of view, that designs a rhythm from austere compositions to fade outs. A collage with Chinese objects, photographs and images from the past.

(Lima, PE. b. 1973) is a visual artist living and working in Lima, Peru. She studied Fine Arts at Catholic University in Peru with concentration in Printmaking. Since 1995 her work has been exhibited at Tau-Museum Tokyo (Japan), School of Craft Arts Barcelona (Spain), Rosario University Gallery (Argentina), Goethe Institute (Peru), ICPNA Gallery (Peru), Florean Museum (Rumania), J.M Moudy Exhibition Hall Texas (USA), and the Pratt Institute Gallery, New York (USA),etc.

Since 2006 she has spent her time registering images and recording sounds, and started making video works, which have been screened in different international public spaces, inside the white cube and black box, such as Videonale 12 Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany, XII Lima Film Festival, XXIV Bogota Film Festival, etc.

She considers video as a language to build metaphors inside a space in where traditional relations between image and sound can be transformed, and conform an atmosphere where a series of rhythms (as components of time) coexist and interact. Her work analyses urban and local territories in front of external influences through an introspective tone.


5.05.2012 14:47

interesting !!! didnt really grab me,and the lack of sound was a bit of va..well, a bit of a bummer
katya and dele

11.05.2012 18:02

I lovve your style! That shits crazy!!! It keeps people going!

22.05.2012 16:20

its really interessting, you can think about it a long time… great good !!! Schuster

25.08.2012 12:39

Nice work..

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