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Tira La llamada good


21 – 28 / Feb / 2014

Opening Friday 21 / Feb / 2014 – 11:00 – 20:00h.

Dare Dovidjenko (Croatia, 1949) / Olafur Eliasson (Denmark, 1967)
Dora García (Spain, 1965) / Jonathan Hernández (Mexico, 1972)
Eduardo Hirose (Peru, 1975) / Kaoru Katayama (Japan, 1966)
Rogelio López Cuenca (Spain, 1959) / Jorge Macchi (Argentina, 1963)
Pascale Marthine Tayou (Cameroon, 1967) / Adrian Paci (Albania, 1969)
Pratchaya Phinthong (Thailand, 1974) / Danh Vō (Vietnam, 1975)

Coordinated by: Sandra Gamarra Heshiki & Antoine Henry-Jonquères


Calle Orellana, 4, Local interior. Madrid 28004
Metro: Alonso Martínez
[email protected] / www.li-mac.org /
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Exhibition until: 28 / Feb / 2014
Sat-Sun: 11:00 – 18:00 h.
Mon-Fri: 16:00 – 19:00 h.
or by appointment (34) 687 70 1968


The Call of Destiny

“I should first have liked to be other people in order to know what I was not.
Then I understood that I had already been the others and this was easy.
My greatest experience would be to be the other of the others: and the other of the others was I.”
Clarice Lispector, La experiencia más grande

Along with the wind that passes through the city, the ring of a bell travels to one’s ears. At the moment in which it reaches consciousness, it redirects the thought process and opens a parenthesis. Inside, an emotion and an intuition meet. Although there is a single direct path that connects the transmitter to the receiver, there are infinite numbers of alternative routes between both points. It is a journey as any other; it starts from a place and moves across territories where the origin and the destination seem to be frozen in time.

The works in this exhibition are the result of the unpredictable within voyages. Along the way, the obstacles and encounters provoked detours from which it is imperative to reposition one´s self. A terrain superimposed itself over another and new tools of navigation are necessary to interpret the coordinates and decipher its topography.

To confront ourselves with these works makes us accomplices of these travels and makes us part of the unexpected. Just as the principle of uncertainty of quantum physics states that it is impossible to measure the speed and locate an atom without modifying it, as witnesses of these continuous voyages, our position in front of the works will alter its path.

Destiny calls us from static geographies and moves towards changing geographies; in front of it, we find ourselves with the uncertainty of travel and the certainty to encounter ourselves.



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