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Courtesy of the Artist

The Collection Courtesy of the Artist’s main goal is to share and encourage the study of the featured works of artists in order to establish points of connection between them. This platform includes online tools such as tags, specific texts and photographic records with zoom views.

The LIMAC website is structured so that each work/document registration has its own page so to facilitate online access and allow independent viewing.

The project aims to promote the circulation of information generated by the works and involve the observers to leave comments. The selection brings together key works by each artist and is presented chronologically from the beginning of the artist practice until more recent pieces.

This platform was originally started with Peruvian artists and later extended to countries of the region, Europe and the rest of the world. As a result, the collection brings together artists from different generations and cultures in order to bring together and contrast a multitude of practices.

LIMAC does not own any of the selected works and only serves as a mediator between artists and visitors. The platform is a long-term project that will expand its database regularly.