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Natural Selection III

Natural Selection III: the book

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About Natural Selection III

Natural Selection is a three volume artist publication that was published by the Leme Gallery in 2009. Each book includes the following text:

When massively disseminated, information gives out the illusion of a total truth among those who share it. Yet, one knows that such information results from selection, which always operates through exclusions.

Natural Selection assembles pages about women artist in the three volumes of the contemporary catalogue “Art Now.” In doing so, it creates a re-selection as an active response to the totality of the information and its consumption.

The paintings of Natural Selection are appropriations that follow the original layout of the book, maintaining the spirit of the publication. They produce a new unit, which sifted by means of its own filters, creates its own exclusions.

As it happens in translation, the final result is personal and partial. Only that in this case, the language is painting. It is not so much the result which seems natural, but rather the process of selection proper.

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